West Virginia Walmart Shooting

West Virginia Walmart Shooting, 2 Injured After Grafton Shooting

West Virginia Walmart Shooting – The authorities are providing additional information that is being included into the investigation into the shooting that took place on Monday afternoon inside a Walmart in Grafton. At around 1:57 p.m., the authorities reported that there was one victim who had been shot prior to entering the store. According to the statements made by the authorities, the suspect and the victim knew each other before to the incident that led to the crime. They said that there was only one instance of it happening.

According to official remarks that were provided to a correspondent for 5 News, the reopening of East Grafton Road was the direct result of a pursuit that was brought to a halt somewhere in the general neighborhood of Bradley Drive. Watch the footage that we have provided below to witness the truck that the suspect was driving being hauled away from the scene of the crime. It is unknown what condition they are in, however the authorities have claimed that the suspect was taken to Ruby Memorial Hospital. It is possible that they are in critical condition.

The suspect raced away from the location of the incident, and West Virginia State Police officers gave after in an effort to catch up with him. The second portion of the pursuit was brought to a close somewhere in the neighborhood of Bradley Drive on East Grafton Road. At this time, it is unclear when Walmart will return to its normal business activities. At initially, the authorities said that the shooting resulted in two casualties; however, it is now unknown whether the second victim was the suspect who, according to the officials, then shot themselves after the incident. According to the authorities, there was a shooting at the Walmart in Grafton, and two customers were injured.

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