Ontario Mills Shooting

Ontario Mills Shooting, Police Address False Report Of Gunfire

Ontario Mills Shooting – A false report of gunfire was made regarding the shooting in Ontario Mills. On Monday afternoon, a bogus allegation of a gunshot at the Ontario Mills mall provoked a significant response from local law enforcement. Officers from the Ontario Police Department responded at the shopping center at approximately 1:45 p.m. in response to complaints of a disturbance, and they are currently investigating whether or not a crime was committed.

Officers who arrived on the scene found that the cause of the alarm was a group of persons running through the mall. After that, Ontario Dispatch received many calls from the public reporting that someone was armed and that shots were heard. It has been confirmed that neither a gun nor any shots were discharged during the incident. They were able to ascertain that a gang of persons sprinted through the mall, which caused shoppers to get panicked.

The police responded to the Ontario Mills mall after receiving a false report of a shooting there. “Ontario Dispatch then received a number of calls claiming that a person was armed with a gun and that shots were heard,” the text reads. According to a tweet from the Ontario police, “it has been determined that there was no gun and there were no shots fired.” The police department has stated that it will examine the false accusations and hold any suspects accountable for their actions if they are found to be responsible. The mall is still open and is reported to be safe, according to the police.

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