Tomas Juarez-Sunan Obituary, Pedestrian killed in Madison hit-and-run Crash

Tomas Juarez-Sunan Obituary, Pedestrian killed in Madison hit-and-run Crash

Tomas Juarez-Sunan Obituary, Death Cause – At the time of the accident, the pedestrian who was killed in Madison was in the process of crossing the street when they were involved in a collision with an automobile. The pedestrian was struck and killed in the incident. The collision was responsible for the death of the pedestrian. Near the intersection of Gallatin Pike and Due West Avenue was the location of the incident, which took place extremely early on a Sunday morning. The roadway known as Due West Avenue is the one that branches off of Gallatin Pike and heads in the direction of due west.

It has been established that a member of the Metro Nashville Police Department was the individual driving the car that hit the victim and then fled the scene after the incident. This conclusion was reached following an investigation into the incident. When the victim was attempting to cross the road, they were engaged in an incident that took place at the same time. The patient did not recover from their disease and did not make it through their whole stay in the hospital. They died away as a result of their condition. Tomas Juarez-Sunan, who is now 23 years old, has been recognized as the person who is responsible for perpetrating this crime. He is also the age at when the crime was committed.

The authorities have a strong suspicion that the car of interest is a white Dodge Challenger. This is the most probable explanation that has been offered. This is the hypothesis that is now being examined via the testing process. In addition to the expectation that the front end would be damaged in some way, they are making preparations for the possibility that the windshield may also be smashed.

At the time that Juarez-Sunun raced across the street, the signal for incoming traffic was green, and there was no crosswalk at the place where she did so, as stated by the police. In addition, there was no crosswalk at the location. In addition to that, as she sprinted across the street, the signal was in the green position.



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