Shawn Mitchell Obituary, Car Accident Lebanon Ohio, Leaves Teen Driver Dead

Shawn Mitchell Obituary, Car Accident Lebanon Ohio, Leaves Teen Driver Dead

Shawn Mitchell Obituary, Death Cause – According to the Ohio State Highway Patrol, a single-vehicle collision that took place early on Monday morning in the city of Lebanon, Ohio, in the state of Ohio ended in the untimely death of a 17-year-old driver. The incident occurred in the city of Lebanon, Ohio. It was reported that the accident had taken place. It seems like there was only one vehicle involved in the crash altogether.

The state troopers who are investigating the accident believe that Shawn Mitchell was driving a 2002 Honda Civic when he lost control of the vehicle, drove off the left side of the road, and smashed into a tree. They are looking into the possibility that Shawn Mitchell was wearing a seatbelt at the time of the disaster. They believe that the accident took place at the intersection of Hart Road and Miller Road, which is where it was reported to have taken place.

It is largely agreed upon that this took place at some point in the early morning, most likely around three o’clock. According to the reports that were submitted by the authorities who responded to the scene of the accident, it was established that Mitchell had passed away at the scene of the accident where he had been involved in the collision. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHP), it is not yet obvious whether or not alcohol or drugs played a component in the accident.

It is also unclear whether or not the accident was caused by human error. In addition, it is not known whether or not human error was the cause of the accident. Despite this, it is not completely out of the question that both played a role. The inquiry into the disaster is still ongoing, and the detectives are making a concerted effort to determine what led to the disastrous outcome of the situation.


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