San Jose Obituary, San Jose Has Passed Away

San Jose Obituary, Death Cause – On Sunday, the Alameda County Coroner’s Office was able to identify the identity of the San Jose man who was found dead from drowning in Lake Del Valle in Livermore on Saturday. The guy had been recovered in the lake on Saturday. On Saturday, the individual was absent from the scene. This publication is known as the Bay City Herald. Daniel Nathan Cullison, who was 26 years old at the time, reportedly entered the water to retrieve an oar that had fallen off the boat he was on with his family.

This is a recounting of the events that took place. A signal was sent out to the members of the marine patrol at precisely 3:51 in the afternoon by members of the Cullison family. The location was marked by the police, and they asked the lifeguards who were on duty at the swimming area to assist them in their search for Cullison. The body of Cullison was reportedly spotted and recovered by divers from the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office around 9:21 p.m., as stated in the statement that was released by the park department.

This information comes from the East Bay Regional Park Police. He was on the boat with his family at the time, and the oar had fallen overboard while they were there. He was making an attempt to collect it. Outside of the monitored area, the family might be found at a cove that is located just across the lake from East Beach. Cullison is claimed to have jumped headfirst into the water, instantly begun struggling, and eventually submerged himself, according to the witness evidence that was obtained by the police.


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