Rosalie Thomas Obituary, 1-year-old Died Week After Sustaining Injuries From Car Crash

Rosalie Thomas Obituary, 1-year-old Girl Died Week After Sustaining Injuries From Car Crash

The 22nd of May, 2023 was the day when Rosalie Danielle Thomas, who had been a patient at Hospice of Northwest Ohio in Toledo, finally passed away. Her parents were Cara Charland and Robert “Robbie” Thomas Jr., and their daughter was brought into the world on July 10, 2021 in the city of Toledo, in the state of Ohio.

Rosalie was a happy little girl who loved the time she got to spend with her family. She would do everything to make them happy. Every time Yvonne arrived home from school, Rosalie would greet her with a shout of “sissy” and then run up to give her a bear hug. Rosalie only had one sister, and her name was Yvonne. The women had a special bond with one another; in addition to being exceptionally close friends, they also had a profound love for one another. This made their relationship particularly special. Rosalie’s appetite could never be sated, and as a result, she was always trying out new kinds of food. Her grandparents and great grandparents had many cherished dogs, including Kilo, Star, Cherokee, and Bandit. These canines lived with her grandparents and great grandparents. She held each one in the highest regard.

They are the ones who will carry on her legacy and honor her memory. Her sister, Yvonne, as well as her grandparents Tanya and Joe, Robert and Pam, Lois and Jim, and Robert and Bonnie, as well as her great-grandparents Robert and Karon, as well as her uncles and aunts AJ and Charlita, Teddy and Melissa, James and Jamie, and a large number of cousins, are the ones who will do this. Her mother and father, along with her brother Ayden, had all departed away before she was born. She was the only member of her family to have made it through life.

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