Mike Hashimoto Obituary, In Loving Memory Of Mike Hashimoto

Mike Hashimoto Obituary, Death Cause – Mike Hashimoto and I, Jacquielynn Floyd, used to compete against one another, and we would sometimes make fun of each other by referring to ourselves as Godzilla and Tinkerbell. In spite of our many differences, we were able to produce excellent journalism over our combined 25 years of service at The Dallas Morning News, first in the Metro section and then in Editorial.

But in spite of our rough beginning, I found myself at Mike’s hospital bedside a couple of hours before he passed away early on Monday. I allowed him pass away in peace while I pleaded with him for one more fight while letting him know that I respected his decision to let him go. Mike passed away early Monday morning. My dear pal’s passing has made it difficult for me to find the right words to express how I feel, but our incredible journey – from adversaries to frenemies to the very best of buddies – needs to be told. If Mike and I can learn how to listen to one another and what each other has to say, then perhaps the world is not as divided as it seems to be.

Mike’s refusal to remove the bright pink “Rush [Limbaugh] On Board” bumper decal on his office chair infuriated me, and he muttered something about my beliefs in terms of “rainbows and unicorns.” When we had a difference of opinion over protection, Mike would become angry and then pout, and I would fight with him again while threatening him with double-secret probation.


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