Marissa Delgado Obituary, San Marcos TX Accident Leaves 1 Dead - Death

Marissa Delgado Obituary, San Marcos TX Accident Leaves 1 Dead – Death

Marissa Delgado Obituary, Death Cause – Greetings to All My Relatives and Friends! We are writing this with sad hearts to notify you of the passing of our much loved Marissa Lauren Delgado, and we want you to know how heartbroken we are by this news. She brought an unbelievable amount of joy, love, and laughter into our lives, and she will continue to be a part of our memories for the rest of our lives. During this difficult time, we ask that you continue to remember our family in your thoughts and prayers.

We appreciate your continued support. Information on the particulars of the memorial services will be disseminated in the not-too-distant future. We have plans to spend the day with family; in the event that you have any queries, please feel free to send me a direct message. Marissa, You were always there for me, continuously texting me, checking up on me and the girls to see if we need anything, and I miss you so badly that I want I could hug you, hold you, and kiss you one more time.

You were always there for me, and you were constantly messaging me. I adore you so much, and you have the biggest heart that anybody could ever hope to find in another human being. Because I miss you so terribly, I wish I could give you one more embrace, hold you in my arms, and kiss you on the lips. You had such a gorgeous physical look, and what was even more remarkable was the exquisite beauty that emanated from inside you. You have attained the status of an angel, and I have no doubt that you will watch out for the members of the family. I pray that you find eternal rest, my darling.

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