Maia Vezina Obituary Nelson BC, Maia Vezina Death And Funeral

Maia Vezina Obituary Nelson BC, Maia Vezina Death And Funeral

Maia Vezina Obituary, Death Cause – To begin, I want to express my gratitude for all of the love, support, songs, poetry, and prayers that have been offered. I have gone through and read and listened to each and every message. Larry, Liam, Zoe, and Will, Zoe’s husband, are extremely grateful to you for all of the space you have held for our daughter as well as their lovely sister.

Maia Vezina , born January 23, 1994. After a CT scan and a comprehensive manual inspection by two ICU doctors, it was determined that her brain was no longer functioning and that all blood flow had stopped. As a result, on May 26, 2023, it was determined that Maia’s brain had died. We held her as we bid farewell. We have been informed that the procedure to harvest Maia’s organs in order to save the lives of other people will take place at the Kelowna Hospital on Monday afternoon, perhaps around 5 o’clock.

Her legacy will be carried on by others. Since we have the opportunity to get to know the beneficiaries, we think this is the very greatest outcome that could possibly occur. Parents, remember to look out for their kids and keep them safe. Please show each other love and comfort as brothers and sisters. Do not take one another’s friendship for granted, friends.
The dilemma with opiates obtained via prescription, which can lead to consumption of medicines obtained illegally, is a serious one.

We live in a world that is both complicated and stressful. Spend some time together, slow down, breathe deeply, and pay attention to one another. We shall maintain our unity as a family and give Maia Vezina our full support. Say the name Maia out loud on a daily basis. In the name of our beautiful, brilliant, clever, sexy, creative, artistic, generous, fun-loving, with a quirky and outstanding sense of humor, lovely, and amazing friend, we send you love and light. Maia

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