Luke Wienecke Obituary Oklahoma, Luke Wienecke Death And Funeral

Luke Wienecke Obituary Oklahoma, Luke Wienecke Death And Funeral

Luke Wienecke Obituary, Death Cause – On May 12, 2023, Robert “Luke” Wienecke passed away. He was a much-loved son, brother, and friend to many people. Oklahoma City was the location of Luke’s birth on June 26th, 2002. He spent his formative years in the Nichols Hills neighborhood, where he later graduated from Christ the King Catholic School and Bishop McGuinness High School.

He participated in the Advanced Placement program, was a member of student council all four years of high school and served as Class President for two years. In addition, he was a member of the golf team and served as the Master of Assemblies, emceeing school events and rallies and earning a reputation for delivering persuasive speeches. He was fortunate to have a large number of close friends, many of whom he went to school with from pre-kindergarten all the way up to the twelfth grade.

Luke continued his education at George Washington University in Washington, District of Columbia, after graduating from McGuinness. There, he focused his studies on political science. He completed an internship with Representative Tom Cole of Oklahoma and worked for the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Housing, Transportation, and Urban Development. At home, he worked as an intern for the Mayor of OKC, David Holt.

He worked for the GW newspaper as a journalist and also served as the Sports Editor. His freshman year housemates were given to him at random, but they quickly formed a close-knit group that provided him with both sustenance and support throughout his time away from home. Luke had a sharp mind for analysis and was a lifelong student of the world around him. His deep concentration and wide range of interests often belied his tender years.

Luke’s drawing of the Titanic, which he completed when he was four years old and which consisted of eight separate pieces of paper that were taped together, was very detailed and annotated. He was a passionate and conscientious collector of basketball trading cards. Luke had a mastery of sports statistics that was almost encyclopedic. Luke Cooper was musically talented, playing the guitar and the piano, and he surprised even himself with how well he could sing.

This trait ran in the Cooper family. His principal interests in recent years have been American law and politics, ranging from presidential debates and presidential biographies to obscure Senate subcommittee hearings. The combination of Luke’s smart, inquisitive intellect and his witty, sensitive, and loving attitude allowed him to cultivate deep connections with his contemporaries, youngsters, and his seniors in equal measure. Luke had a particularly strong relationship with Father Rick Stansberry, the longstanding pastor of Christ the King. Luke looked up to Father Rick as a role model and considered him a trusted friend and confidant.

Luke maintained a one-of-a-kind connection with each individual member of his big family, but there are just too many of them to detail here. Since relocating to Washington, DC, he made sure to contact his mother, Sarah, at least once every day. Sarah, who was his unwavering supporter in everything, never missed a beat. Luke and his dad, Rob, forged a close relationship via their shared love of the Dallas Cowboys and their regular conversations about Luke’s prospects for the future.

His affection for his brothers and sisters was unparalleled: even though they were two and a half years apart in age, he and Jeffrey still had their rooms joined by a sliding door, which was usually left wide open. They had a unique brotherly relationship and always will. Luke worked as an intern for the legal business run by his sister Olivia and brother-in-law Kane. He would often give an ear to hear about their cases, and the three of them even explored the possibility of forming a future law partnership.

Luke’s niece Cora made him a new uncle six months ago, and he has taken on the position of “the unc” with the customary energy, humor, and delight that he has always shown. One of the most meaningful connections that Luke had was with his grandad, Dick Cooper, who was always up for a C-SPAN, presidential debate, or political issue foil. This was one of Luke’s most treasured relationships.

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