Lucas Garzoli Car Accident Hamilton, Leaves 4 Teens Dead

Lucas Garzoli Car Accident Hamilton, Leaves 4 Teens Dead

Lucas Garzoli Obituary, Death Cause – A child of 14 years old has been identified as the fourth young person to perish in the horrific vehicle accident that also claimed the lives of three other young people and left one adult in critical condition. The youngest of the four people that were killed in the accident was Megahn Fox, who was only 14 years old. Kayla Dean, her sister, paid tribute to her on social media after learning of her passing.

“May you rest in peace, my most precious angel; you will live on in my heart forever.” She stated this sentiment in an Instagram post: “Life isn’t going to be the same without your goofy personality or that sweet heart.””You were the most wonderful younger sister I could have ever asked for.” I adore you in every way, Meghan. My chest hurts so much with the realization that you are not there directly behind me.

Kayla has also reached out to the families of the other people who passed away on Saturday along with her sister. She said in her letter, “To all the families who were affected by this terrible situation, my heart goes out to you, I know Josh, Lucas, and Meghan touched so many lives, and they were loved by all.” “It is definitely not easy,” she said, “I know Josh, Lucas, and Meghan touched so many lives and they were loved by all.”

I would want to express my gratitude to everyone who has sent kind words and well wishes to my family and me. This is not a farewell, Meegs; rather, it is a “see you later.” You are going to be my little sister no matter what. On Monday, the identity of Lucus Garzoli was revealed as the third casualty of the tragedy, which took place when the automobile that Lucus Garzoli was riding in went off the Wannon-Nigretta Falls Road near Bochara, which is about 320 kilometers west of Melbourne, and slammed into a tree in the early hours of Saturday morning.

On Facebook, Lucus introduced himself by posting his introduction motto, which said, “You only live once so make it a good f**king life.” Lucus had been a proud member of the 314 Army Cadet Unit out of Warrnambool with his friend Joshua Elmes, who was also sadly died in the crash. Joshua had been a member of the unit with Lucus. The young man’s social media page was filled with photographs of souped-up cars, indicating that he had a passion for the automotive world.

Just one month ago, he took part in the Anzac Day parade in Warrnambool with the cadets, and he did so with pride.

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