Lisa Sipes Obituary Kankakee Illinois, Lisa Sipes Death And Funeral

Lisa Sipes Obituary Kankakee Illinois, Lisa Sipes Death And Funeral

Lisa Sipes Obituary, Death Cause – Lisa Sipes, It has left me with a profound sense of loss to learn of your untimely passing. It seems like yesterday when we worked together in the emergency room, but all I can think of are happy memories from that time. I can’t forget having to track you out whenever I needed an EJ for a difficult stick, which was a long time before ultrasound IVs were commonplace.

You were never hesitant to take on a challenge of any kind! I’ll never forget the Friday nights when we’d pack our lunches and head to the parking lot across the street to practice our hula hoops. Your hula skills are well beyond anything I could ever hope to achieve. You will forever have a unique place in my thoughts and heart… rest in heaven, dear buddy She was absolutely one of a kind and possessed a pure and lovely spirit.

I’ll never forget the time she informed me and mike kittle what color our auras were as we were sitting back at the pod 5 nurses station with her during one shift. I only recently had a conversation with her approximately a month ago… I was aware that some steps were being done to fulfill her wish related to her health, but man, I’m genuinely taken aback right now…. She was a wonderful friend, and many people will be saddened by her passing.Just thinking about it makes me feel ill.

Together, we participated in a huge variety of entertaining activities. The kids’ ages were comparable to one another. Hula hoops were also a part of this activity, which should come as no surprise. Additionally, she read my aura. I liked every wacky, eccentric, and peculiar quality that she possessed.

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