Lisa Anderson Obituary, Lisa Anderson Has Passed Away

Lisa Anderson Obituary, Death Cause – According to the San Diego County Medical Examiner’s Office, on Wednesday, June 27, at approximately 12:30 p.m., 61-year-old Lisa Anderson was walking in the 3400 block of Harris Street in Lemon Grove when she was struck by a pickup vehicle. Lisa Anderson was pronounced dead at the scene. Anderson was having a verbal argument with a homeless person at the time of the collision, and the other driver was involved in the exchange.

It was established by the office of the medical examiner that she had sustained blunt force injuries to the chest, which finally led to her demise. The cause of death was ultimately judged to be blunt force injuries. According to the San Diego Sheriff’s Department, a witness told officers who were on the scene that they saw a driver in a white truck, maybe a Ford F-150, hit the woman before fleeing the scene of the accident.

The location of the incident was investigated by first responders from the emergency services after witnesses called 911 to report the incident. After their arrival, the paramedics reportedly started providing the woman with care that had the potential to end up saving her life. This information comes from the authorities. Anderson was pronounced dead at the scene of the collision, in spite of all of those attempts to revive him.

This information was provided to the deputies by the witness. In addition to this, the witness indicated that they saw the driver strike the woman before fleeing the site of the crime. There is no fresh information available at this time regarding the driver or any further automobiles or vehicles that may be under suspicion.

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