Leilah Dominguez Missing Clayton North Carolina, Help Find Missing Leilah Dominguez

Leilah Dominguez Missing Clayton North Carolina, Help Find Missing Leilah Dominguez

Leilah Dominguez Missing – A mother and her boyfriend have reportedly been taken into custody by law officials in Arizona on suspicion of first-degree murder in connection with the death of a child who was 2 years old. On Tuesday morning, police in Glendale were reportedly called to a home in response to a report that a child had stopped breathing. The incident apparently occurred at a property in Glendale.

According to KPHO, the caller, who was subsequently determined to be Johnny Brazell II, 20, told first responders that his stepson was not breathing and did not have a pulse when they arrived at the scene. In addition, he informed the authorities that the child had a cut and a lump on his head and that he had been the target of an assault by a dog earlier in the day. Even though emergency medical services arrived and conducted cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) on the small boy, he did not make it to the hospital alive.

According to the detectives who examined the case, they found the boy with a visible fracture to his head as well as a body that was covered in bruises. Both of these injuries appeared to be the result of child abuse on the part of the perpetrator. Blood stains were discovered by the police officers in the boy’s bedroom. These blood stains appeared to be of a far greater severity than what Brazell had stated. This information was included in the report that was filed after the arrest.

Brazell and Leilah Lopez, the boy’s mother, were charged by the Glendale police of offering conflicting testimony regarding the manner in which the little boy was bitten by a dog. The conflicting accounts concerned the method in which the dog bit the boy. According to the police, Lopez and Brazell waited until the boy had stopped breathing before dialling 911. Once the boy had stopped breathing, Lopez and Brazell agreed to lie to the operator, the paramedics, and the hospital personnel about what had happened.

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