Lee Amador Motorcycle Accident North Bend WA, 1 Dead

Lee Amador Motorcycle Accident North Bend WA, 1 Dead

Lee Amador Obituary, Death Cause – I am assisting Jessica and Allie with their efforts to raise money for their upcoming trip so that they will be able to go on their planned holiday. Lee Amador was tragically involved in a motorcycle accident on May 27, 2023, which ultimately led to his passing away as a result of the injuries he sustained. As a consequence of the injuries he sustained, he subsequently passed away.

He is survived by his adoring daughter Allie, who is 22 months old, as well as by his girlfriend, Jessica Farchette. His daughter Allie was named after his mother. His daughter is the sole member of his family still alive. Lee was not only a fulfilled ex-member of the United States Marine Corps, but he was also an amazing and attentive parent to his daughter, Allie. Allie benefited greatly from having her father in her life. Allie held him in high esteem and looked up to him as a role model.

Lee was the primary source of financial support for their small family, and as they fight their way through this difficult period, they would be extremely appreciative for any assistance that might be offered to them. Please remember to pray for them, and keep in mind that they will be thankful for any help that they can obtain at this time. Also, please bear in mind that they will be praying for you.

Thank you. In addition to that, I ask that you kindly make it a point to keep them in your thoughts going forward. Please take into consideration contributing in some other way, even if you are unable to do so monetarily at this time; we are immensely appreciative of your support.

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