Julie Summers Obituary Jacksonville IL, Julie Summers Death And Funeral

Julie Summers Obituary Jacksonville IL, Julie Summers Death And Funeral

Julie Summers Obituary, Death Cause – Over the course of the previous nearly two weeks, there have been a significant number of caring friends reaching out to her and praying for her. I’d like to express my gratitude to everyone involved for it. At this particular moment, I don’t have access to a really large number of words. I was of the opinion that it was vital for everybody to be informed about what had taken place.

My amazing and breathtaking wife, Julie, went suddenly yesterday as a consequence of the symptoms of a major stroke. She was the best possible mother for our children, and she had a large number of friends throughout the world to share her life with. Julie was the one who held me accountable for my regular errors by pointing them out to me and keeping me in check as a result. She was the one who guided me through life, my soul partner, and the love of my life all rolled into one. Lol

She loved me without placing any restrictions on that love, and I feel the same way about her. She was a big part of the reason I became a better man overall. Julie had a profound and unending fondness for her life and for each and every person who was a part of it. She had a genuine enthusiasm for making other people happy and a genuine desire for the people who were closest to her to have the most amazing experience imaginable.

I ask that you resist the urge to feel sorry for her. Something like that is not something that she would ever want. After her passing, she is in a better place, where she is reunited with God and all of our other loved ones. To the best of my ability, I can only picture her at this very moment presiding over a massive party that she is attending along with all of them in paradise.

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