Jose Fernandez Obituary,

Jose Fernandez Obituary, Death, Funeral And Visitation

Jose Fernandez Obituary, Death Cause – Miami The star pitcher for the Marlins, Jose Fernandez, passed away early on Sunday morning in Florida after being involved in a boating accident. During a news conference held on Sunday, Lorenzo Veloz, a spokesman for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, stated that Fernandez, who was 24 years old, was one of three males who passed away as a result of the tragedy. When the Coast Guard got on the scene at approximately 3 in the morning, they discovered a boat that was 32 feet long and had been placed upside down on a jetty off of Miami Beach.

Due to the fact that the matter is still being investigated, we are unable to provide any further information regarding their connection to Fernandez. According to the spokeswoman, however, the next of kin have been alerted of the situation. According to Veloz, the fact that the vehicle collided with the jetty suggests that speed had a role in the disaster. There was no indication that alcohol or illegal drugs had been used by the subject. “It does appear that speed was involved due to the severity of the impact,” Veloz added. “It does appear that speed was involved.” “It would appear that they were traveling at full speed when they came upon the jetty, which is when the accident took place,” the investigator said.

Under the vessel, the bodies of two of the victims were discovered. The body of one was discovered floating in the water. Nobody who drowned was wearing a life jacket when they passed away. According to Veloz, the cause of Fernandez’s death was trauma, not drowning. According to the Coast Guard’s original statement, the identities of the remaining two people were withheld pending the notification of family. Emilio Macias, 27, and Eduardo Rivero, 25, were identified as the other two victims by the medical examiner for Miami-Dade County, who verified their identities to ESPN on Monday.

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