Jane Thompson Obituary California, Jane Thompson Has Passed Away

Jane Thompson Obituary California, Jane Thompson Has Passed Away

Jane Thompson Obituary, Death Cause – Her husband, Charles Thompson Sr., and her children, Lee Anne Thompson, Charles Thompson Jr., and Jennifer Thompson, in addition to her brother, Herman Lee Dantzler (Linda), and her sister, Mary Anne Dantzler, are among the individuals who will be able to carry on her legacy after she has passed away. Jane graduated from Walterboro High School in 1957 and was well-liked by her contemporaries there.

She went on to earn a high school diploma from Walterboro. After that, she went on to complete her education at Brevard College before transferring to Palmer College in order to earn her degree in 1958. In 1958, she had her first encounter with Citadel cadet Charles Thompson, who would go on to become the man she would spend the rest of her life with. The couple got married in 1960.

In 1981, after Charles had spent his entire career as an officer in the United States Army, he retired to Lexington, South Carolina. There, he lived out the rest of his life. After a period of time, they uprooted their lives and moved to Gilbert, which was located close. People who knew Jane liked her because she was brave and caring, and she had a strong enthusiasm for her family, gardening, entertainment, and the arts in general.

In addition, she had a green thumb and loved to garden. Her unwavering dedication to singing in community and church choirs throughout the whole of her adult life, which covered the entirety of her adulthood, led to concert tours in every corner of the world. Will Sumner, Holland Thompson-Chastain, and Elizabeth Fager (Matt), Caitlin Sansone (Michael), and Emma Studemeyer (Ryan) were her favorite grandchildren. Caitlin Sansone and Michael Studemeyer were her favorite great-grandchildren.

She adored each and every one of her grandchildren. She eventually took on the role of a de facto mother figure for the entire brood. She also has three great-grandchildren, and their names are Callum Ryan Studemeyer, Molly Rowan Fager, and John Charles Sansone. This was another blessing that was bestowed upon her.


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