Gib Brewster Obituary, Gib Brewster Has Passed Away

Gib Brewster Obituary, Death Cause – As a direct result of this turn of events, the SOFPOP club is in a state of sadness as a direct result of the loss of a member who was also known as Gib Brewster and who passed away on Friday. Gib Brewster was a member of the SOFPOP club. Throughout his life, Gib Brewster has used a few different identities. My statement was not made public until after I had finished all of the steps that were required of me before I could make it public.

On Thursday at noon, funeral services will be place at Botkin, and anyone who would like to attend is more than welcome to do so. During this challenging time, we are grateful to everyone for their support. The loss of Gib, who exemplified what it meant to be a true gentleman, will be keenly felt by each and every one of us. We are going to miss having him as a part of our lives.
We ask that you continue to pray for the family as they go through this trying time. They truly need your support. They are in desperate need of your assistance.

My statement was not made public until after I had finished all of the requirements. It wasn’t until after I had finished fulfilling all of the requirements that my statement was made public. People are welcome to attend a visitation that will be held on Wednesday evening at the Botkin Funeral Home in Waverly from five o’clock to seven o’clock. The visitation will begin at five o’clock. The event is going to go forward as planned.


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