Eric Preston Obituary, Eric Preston Has Passed Away

Eric Preston Obituary, Eric Preston Has Passed Away

Eric Preston Obituary, Death Cause – After the body of a man was discovered behind a closed Applebee’s restaurant at Blue Ridge Crossing early on Sunday morning, detectives from the Kansas City Police Department have begun an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the murder. The restaurant in question is located at Blue Ridge Crossing.

A motorist driving on Interstate 70 contacted 911 shortly after 8:00 a.m. to report spotting someone lying on the ground behind the closed restaurant. According to the Kansas City Police Department, officers were dispatched to the site shortly after the call was made. The driver stated that they observed the guy when they were on the road.

The location is 4181 Sterling, and you’ll find a wide variety of businesses, such as a Walmart and a Lowe’s, in the neighborhood and surrounding area. The address is 4181 Sterling. This is the location that you are looking for. A town in the state of Missouri is making ready for the arrival of thousands of people who are interested in visiting the bones of a nun that were just found, and the municipality is anticipating that the arrival of these people will occur very soon.

Officers discovered a male victim who was suffering from traumatic wounds; however, the authorities have not disclosed if the victim was shot, stabbed, or assaulted prior to his discovery. It was determined that Eric Preston was the victim, and upon further investigation, it was found that he was 51 years old. The investigation is still ongoing, and the police are still trying to establish what took on at the location in question. The TIPS Hotline may be reached at the following number: (816) 474-TIPS. If you have any information that could be able to help them solve the case, you are encouraged to phone the TIPS Hotline.

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