Douglas Trent Obituary,

Douglas Trent Obituary, Douglas Trent Has Passed Away

Douglas Trent Obituary, Death Cause – Early on Saturday morning, the name of the pedestrian who was hit and murdered by a vehicle while he was walking on the Outer Loop and who was later determined to have passed away from his injuries was revealed. The victim had been found dead from his injuries. The incident took place in the evening on Friday, as the day progressed.

It was somewhere about 5:45 in the morning when the people from emergency medical services arrived at the scene, and they announced that he had been proclaimed dead at the scene. He had been pronounced dead at the scene of the accident. The Traffic Unit of the Los Angeles Police Department is looking into the incident at this time and will likely release its findings soon.

Douglas Trent III, 32 years old, was killed in a collision that took place on the Outer Loop close to Briarcliff Road at approximately 5:30 in the morning. The crash took place not too far from Interstate 65. The blow to his head had caused the injuries that finally led to his passing, as it was the skull that had been struck.

When Trent was hit by a Dodge Caravan, an automobile that was driving by at the time offered him first assistance from the passenger seat of its vehicle. The individual who was driving the Dodge Caravan that struck Trent stayed at the scene of the collision in order to render aid to everyone affected. Trent walked away from the collision without suffering any serious injuries.


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