Carnival Cruise Ship Storm

Carnival Cruise Ship Storm, Water Surges Into Rooms Battered By Waves Off Charleston

Carnival Cruise Ship Storm – A storm hits the Carnival Cruise Ship as it is sailing off the coast of Charleston, South Carolina, forcing water to overflow compartments that were already being torn apart by waves. Some of the staterooms on the Carnival cruise ship that was getting hammered by waves off the coast of Charleston started to get water in them. The ship was in rough weather.

Some of the concerns that guests aboard the Carnival Sunshine reported included broken glass, water flooding rooms and hallways, the ship pitching and rolling, and a lack of communication from cruise personnel. Other issues included the ship pitching and rolling and a lack of communication from cruise staff. A spokesman for Carnival Cruise Lines reportedly told CBS News that certain passengers and crew members require “minor assistance” from the medical staff. After then, the spokesperson for the cruise stated that “everyone on board the ship is in good health.”

On Friday, the National Hurricane Center issued a watch for a non-tropical area of low pressure that was located off the coast of Florida and was forecast to move northward. The watch was issued because the National Hurricane Center expected the area to move northward. The ship Carnival Sunshine, which was travelling from the Bahamas to South Carolina, arrived in Charleston later than scheduled, according to the spokeswoman for Carnival Cruise Line. The voyage began in the Bahamas. As a result of the damage that was brought on by the water, a number of the crew cabins had to be taken out of service for the time being. As a result of the delay, the ship was unable to continue with the journey that it was supposed to make next, which it has now begun.

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