Britt Bridge Motorcycle Accident Swartz Creek Michigan, One Died in Car Crash

Britt Bridge Motorcycle Accident Swartz Creek Michigan, One Died in Car Crash

Britt Bridge Motorcycle Accident – Nearly eight months after he was killed in a head-on collision, charges were filed this week against an Alma woman for the death of a Minnesota man. The charges were presented against the lady this week. It is speculated that Jacqueline M. Britt, while under the influence of a psychoactive substance, was the driver of a vehicle that was involved in a fatal accident. In the event that the defendant is found guilty of the felony charge, he or she might be sentenced to a maximum of 25 years in prison.

According to the data that were presented along with the claims, Britt was allegedly operating a midsize sedan while crossing the Wabasha bridge on Highway 25 in May of the previous calendar year. She allegedly crossed into oncoming traffic by moving into the middle lane, which led to her involvement in a head-on collision with a motorcycle, as stated by witnesses. Sadly, the person who was driving that car lost their life in an accident.

After the accident, the authorities questioned Britt, who indicated that she had the idea that she was driving on the Winona bridge, which is a two-lane bridge with divided lanes. Britt’s statement came after the crash, which occurred. She was aware that if she were on the Winona bridge, she would have been required to be in that lane, therefore she consciously chose to move over to the left lane so that she could comply with the regulation.

She asserted that by the time she became aware that traffic was approaching from the opposite direction, it was “too late when he was in front of me.” Britt denied that she had used any drugs in the previous twenty-four hours leading up to the incident that she was involved in. Despite this, there were traces of methamphetamine in her blood, indicating that she had used the substance.

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