Anthony Magee Obituary Hattiesburg MS, Armed Force Sgt. Death And Funeral

Anthony Magee Obituary Hattiesburg MS, Armed Force Sgt. Death And Funeral

Anthony Magee Obituary, Death Cause – WDAM 7 is paying tribute to those who served and died for our country as Memorial Day approaches. It has been thirteen years since the death of Army Sgt. Anthony Magee, who passed away as a result of injuries sustained when a missile struck his barracks in Iraq. Magee was originally from Hattiesburg, and not only will he being remembered in the place where he grew up, but on Sunday, his tale will also be shown across the country on national television.

When he was murdered in April of 2010, the son, brother, husband, and father had only been on this earth for 29 years. Tony Davis, Magee’s father, stated that an unknown individual shot a rocket at his son. The force of the blow was concentrated on him because he was the one who stood up first. A fragment of shrapnel penetrated his skull and struck him in the back of the head.

Davis was our host as we gathered at the Veterans Memorial Park in Hattiesburg. The name of his kid, along with those of soldiers Joshua Bush and Anthony Blount, is inscribed into the pillar under the heading “Operation Iraqi Freedom.” “It is bittersweet,” he remarked. “I am obviously not delighted that his name is included in this. But it may be found here. And I cannot express how happy it makes me that somebody thought highly enough of him to include him in this.

In addition to that, I was familiar with the young man’s family, the Blounts. After that, we developed a strong friendship.” As Davis made his way around the memorial, the tinkling of his son’s dog tags could be heard. Davis stated that she never leaves the house without them. “No matter where I am. In particular, while I am not on duty or working. That is what I am going to do. I put my dog tags on.

When people praise me for my service and ask me about them when I’m shopping or doing something else, I answer “it’s not me, it’s my son,” and then I tell them the tale of my son. This happens when I’m somewhere like the grocery store.

Magee’s father claimed that his son was virtually died in the field on that day in April but was transported to Germany and maintained on life support because he was an organ donor. The reason for this was because Magee was an organ donor.

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