Zander Lyda Obituary

Zander Lyda Obituary Oklahoma, 12 Years Old Girl Arrested For Stabbing Brother

Zander Lyda Obituary, Death Cause – Zander Lyda has died. While the parent of the children was asleep in the upstairs bedroom when the daughter woke the parent up and told the parent that she had stabbed her brother, according to the report that the police prepared on January 6. The young woman, whose complete identity is not being revealed at this time, is seen descending the steps at the beginning of the video.

“I’m so sorry,” she yells between her tears. “I’m so sorry.” “I truly apologize. I really do apologize. After a few seconds, April Lyda is heard screeching as she comes dangerously close to running out the door. “There are puncture wounds. “In the chest,” April tells her daughter, who apologizes again and over again. “In the chest.” “You had better pray to God that he .”
Around 2:30 in the morning, Zander Lyda was brought to the hospital, where he had surgery, but he ultimately passed away from his injuries.

Both of the children are mentioned in a fundraising effort that was created for the family by a friend who considers April to be her sister. The video from the girl’s bodycam, who was 12 years old at the time, was released after she was accused of stabbing her brother, who was 9 years old. Tulsa, Oklahoma. The girl informed the officers, “I don’t know why I did it,” while her 9-year-old brother was passing away as a result of the stabbing she admitted to committing earlier this year. They were sitting in the back of a patrol car at the time. On the evening of January 5, shortly before midnight, the incident took place in an apartment located in the St. Thomas Square neighborhood of downtown Tulsa. This week, Law & Crime got exclusive footage from a body-worn camera showing the aftermath of the stabbing of the youngster and the custody of the victim’s sister by law enforcement agents.

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