Vilas Craig Obituary, Vilas Craig Has Passed Away

Vilas Craig Obituary, Death Cause – “Guitar Man” My father, Vilas Craig, went away without any pain or suffering this morning. My life has been profoundly shaped by him, and throughout his entire life, music was his biggest passion. He has been the one who has had the most significant impact on my life. Even though he had to pay for his school with the money he gained while performing with his band, he managed to graduate from the University of Wisconsin with a degree in music despite having been born in Richland County, which is located in the state of Wisconsin.

He pursued a career as a solo artist for the entirety of his life and, on occasion, collaborated with local bands to stage performances in Wisconsin. He lived in Wisconsin. Between the years 1959 and 1965, my father was a performer and songwriter, and he was responsible for the release of a total of twelve 45 rpm songs. There is no question in my mind that you will take pleasure in the songs that he has composed if you are a fan of the music of artists such as Elvis Presley, Ricky Nelson, and Buddy Holly.

Richland County in Wisconsin was the location of his birth. In addition to this, he was able to provide for his wife and their four children because to the success he had in the music industry. Later in life, he made the decision to pursue one of his many hobbies as well as a significant love of his by becoming a music teacher in an educational institution. This allowed him to combine two of his passions: teaching and music.


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