Vernika Moreno Obituary, Death, Funeral And Visitation

Vernika Moreno Obituary, Death Cause – Vernika Mosley-Moreno, my very loved and cherished cousin, passed away while she was sleeping the day before yesterday in a quiet and serene manner. Today, in the spirit of paying tribute to the legacy that she has left behind, we “Celebrated the Life” of this extraordinary person by organizing a party in her honor. People who were unable to attend her service or who did not receive an obituary notice at the service will be able to find a copy of her obituary on this website.

I have come to the conclusion that included it will, in the long run, make things simpler for you and therefore I have decided to do so. Her actions were likely observed by a very big number of people, and she was the kind of person who genuinely enjoyed being in the company of other people. It’s possible that a lot of people saw what she was doing. Her acts may have been witnessed by a very large number of people, and the fact that this was a possibility cannot be denied. Thank you Vernika for just “BEING YOU”

The website will also be accessible to people who did attend her service but did not receive an obituary notice. People who were at her memorial service but did not receive an obituary notice will also be able to browse the website and read about her passing. People who were able to attend the memorial service but neglected to bring a copy of the obituary with them would still be allowed to obtain a copy of it once it has been published, even though they did not bring it with them to the event. It was included with the goal of making their lives easier in some way, thus that was the intention behind adding it.

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