Travis Rudolph Murder Trial

Travis Rudolph Murder Trial, Former FSU Football Star Allegedly Killed

Travis Rudolph Murder Trial – The defense attorney paints Dominique Jones as a scorned lover who recruited brother and friends to kill the former Florida State football star, Travis Rudolph. The ex-girlfriend of Travis Rudolph, Dominique Jones, was cross-examined for hours on the second day of testimony in the murder trial of the former Florida State football star. Rudolph is charged with first-degree murder.

The attorney for the defense, Heidi Perlet, attempted to paint a picture of Jones as an unemployed real estate agent who was married to another man, “jealous” of Rudolph’s status as a professional football player, and “angry” with Rudolph at the time of the deadly shooting in April 2021 in Lake Park. “No, the lesson to be learned here is that he touched me,” she responded. “The moral of the story is him putting his hands on me.” “That is really the basis for everything, and I did not send my brothers to kill him,” the speaker said.

“I was upset, and my adrenaline was running, and I said something that I didn’t mean,” Jones explained. In connection with the gunshot that resulted in the death of Sebastien Jean-Jacques, Rudolph, age 27, has been charged with one crime of first-degree murder as well as three counts of attempted first-degree murder. After having testified the day before that she never intended for her brother and his pals to damage Rudolph, Dominique Jones, who texted her brother to “shoot up his s—” after discovering that Rudolph had been injured, said that she never intended for them to.

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