Teresita Estrella Obituary,

Teresita Estrella Obituary, Teresita Estrella Has Passed Away

Teresita Estrella Obituary, Death Cause – To Every Member of My Family and My Dearest Friends, Please accept my sincere respects, and thank you in advance for your consideration. My mother, Teresita Estrella, also known as “Tess,” “Tessie,” and “Ate Tess,” passed away on May 26, 2023. She was known by her nicknames “Tess” and “Tessie.” The majority of people referred to her as “Tess.” Teresita Estrella was the name that was bestowed upon her by those in authority. Her nicknames were “Tess” and “Tessie.” She is now 73 years old and can reflect on a life that has been lived to the fullest.

You are more than welcome to get in touch with me through any one of the following channels: by sending me a text message; by utilizing the Messenger function on this page and/or on Facebook; or by combining the two of these methods of communication. We are sad to hear about your loss, and we are grateful that you will keep us in your prayers and thoughts going forward. Please accept our condolences. Please accept our condolences.

I truly feel terrible that I have to be the one to break this news to you, but unfortunately, this is the truth of the matter. I apologize for having to be the one to do so. I sorry.
Her skeletal remains are entombed at the Our Lady of Peace Memorial Chapels, which are located in Antipolo City at No. 6 Carigma corner M. L. Quezon Streets (they are situated relatively close to the Antipolo Cathedral). These chapels can be reached by traveling down the M. L. Quezon Street. You may reach the location of these chapels. Carigma corner M. L. Quezon Streets. This will get you to the exact spot.

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