Shooting Red River NM

Shooting Red River NM, 5 Injured, 3 Dead After Gunfire

Shooting Red River NM – In Red River, New Mexico, there was a shooting that resulted in three people being murdered and five others being injured. A shooting that took place in the community of Red River during the annual motorcycle rally that takes place over the Memorial Day weekend resulted in the deaths of many people and injuries to a number of others. The event is held every year during the week leading up to the holiday.

According to Linda Calhoun, who is the mayor of Red River, it looks that gang activities was connected to the shooting. At this point, there is a significant amount of information that we do not currently have access to. Due to the fact that the police have only revealed a very limited amount of information surrounding the occurrence, more questions have been raised than answers have been given.

Reports from the Taos County Sheriff’s Office and the Taos Police Department indicate that the Holy Cross Hospital is subject to round-the-clock monitoring by state police. The New Mexico State Police have asked members of the public to avoid the town of Red River while the investigation is ongoing. This is due to the fact that additional law enforcement officers have been sent to the area. The town is in no immediate danger, according to the mayor, who also confirmed that the authorities have detained everyone who was engaged in the shooting and that there is no threat to the community at this time.

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