Pat Peacock Obituary Calgary, Pat Peacock Has Died

Pat Peacock Obituary Calgary, Pat Peacock Has Died

Pat Peacock Obituary, Death Cause – Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) and primary sclerosing psoriasis (PSP) ultimately claimed their lives on December 4, 2022. In spite of this and in typical Peaco form, he more than doubled the odds that were given to him by his physicians and showed them all that they were incorrect by joyfully living a lot longer than they had anticipated. His wife Virginia Engel, KC, who was his partner in life, love, and law and a rock to all who knew them as a pair, is the only person who will carry on Pat’s legacy.

His sister Linda and her husband Leon, his four children Michele and Gae, Sandy and Thian, Michael and Sita, Chris and Jodie, their mother Judy, his seven grandchildren Meredith, Ella, Jocelyn, Shae, Ava, Asher, and Fia, as well as his in-laws Christina, Jens and Nancy, and Peter and Louise, along with all of their children and grandchildren, miss him terribly. Pat and Virginia kept their word and went back to West Vancouver, where Virginia spent her childhood, after Pat retired the previous year.

Unfortunately, his diseases worsened, and in the end, Virginia and Christina, Pat’s sister-in-law, led “Team Pat,” which consisted of his family and close friends who selflessly stepped up to provide him with physical, moral, and milkshake-fueled (thanks to Jens) crib-playing assistance throughout the course of the past year. A special thank you goes out to those members of the team, especially close friends Johanna/Ken and Paul/Colleen and their dogs, Jett, Tank, and Willis – and eventually the North Shore Palliative Care Group, who helped make Pat’s decision to stay at home a reality.

There are a multitude of Engels, Peacocks, Driscolls, Frasers, and James’ as well as hundreds (literally) of friends who Pat would regard to be his family and who are also experiencing this loss along with the honor and thankfulness to have had Pat influence their lives in some way. These people can be found in a variety of states around the country.

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