Obert Hoff Obituary

Obert Hoff Obituary Hoboken New Jersey, Death, Funeral And Visitation

Obert Hoff Obituary, Death Cause – The death of Obert Hoff has occurred. This is a man for whom words are inadequate to express the gratitude I feel. My heart is shattered into a thousand shards right now. As a good number of you are aware, my father has been living with me for the past five years. Robert Hoff imparted to me a wealth of knowledge regarding the art of providing genuine care to others.

The next year, Bob and Laura made the trip to Ashby, where they settled down and eventually opened an electronics store of their own. Bob did appliance repair work over the course of his career at the Gambles and Sears stores in the city of Fergus. After a number of years had passed, Bob decided to complete his study and eventually become an electrician. He was pleased with himself for having successfully run his own company, Hoff Electric.

Later on in his professional life, he and Laura made the decision to move to St. Paul in order for him to take a job at the Bradley House flats. They went back to their house in Ashby since Laura was having some health problems. Bob stayed on the job with the Greenpeace program and continued to manage the rest stop that was located close to Dalton.
Bob is survived by his children Coleen (Sherlock) Houge of Underwood, Dan (Kathy) Hoff of Osakis, and Kathleen (Dale) Alstead of Evansville; his daughter-in-law Holly Hoff of Battle Lake; his grandchildren Harmony Larson, Dereck (Megan) Houge, Travis (Ashley) Hoff, Austin (Kathy) Christianson, Ashley (Adam Taylor) Alstead, Amber Alstead, Alea ( He is and always has been the very best! The most kind-hearted, sympathetic, and patient individual I’ve ever met. Pray for his soul, since God has taken an angel from this world and placed him in heaven…You will always be in our hearts and minds. Robert

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