Motorcycle Accident Bay City MI 2023

Motorcycle Accident Bay City MI 2023, 1 Dead In Motorcycle Crash

Motorcycle Accident Bay City MI 2023 – In the year 2023, a fatal motorcycle accident occurred in Bay City, Michigan, and claimed the life of one individual. The police said that a man who was 62 years old and was ejected from a motorcycle after being involved in an accident and being thrown from the vehicle died as a result of his injuries. The rider, who has been identified as Guy Russell, 62, from Frederic, is said to have been pushed from the motorcycle and as a consequence incurred severe injuries as a result. This information was provided by the police. Russell was airlifted to Munson Hospital in Traverse City by helicopter, but he was unable to recover from his injuries and passed away while he was a patient there.

Russell was not wearing a helmet at the time of the crash, and the police suspect that alcohol played a factor in the occurrence. The police believe that alcohol had a role in the collision. On the evening of May 26 at about 6:25 o’clock, officers with the Michigan State Police responded to a call about a motorcycle collision that had taken place on Hiawatha Drive close to North Manistee River Road in Frederic Township, which is situated in southern Crawford County.

The location of the accident was reported by a witness. Accident involving a motorcycle claimed the life of one person in Crawford County. A witness told the authorities that a motorcycle was heading south on Hiawatha Drive when all of a sudden, it started swerving to the left and right on the highway. The officials claim that the motorcyclist then went off the road and into a ditch after the initial collision.

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