Kathy Sowell Obituary, Kathy Sowell Has Passed Away

Kathy Sowell Obituary, Death Cause – The 28th of October, 1952 found Kathy Lynn Sowell Boyce entering the world in Durant, Mississippi. The daughter of Jimmie William Sr. and Marilyn Goodman Sowell, both of whom have now passed away. She was the only girl and the third of four children in her family. The models that she sought to imitate were her older brothers James Richard (Dickey) and Kenneth Edward, as well as her younger brother Jimmie William Jr. Her brothers, Jimmie William Sowell, Jr., and Kenneth E. Sowell, passed away before Kathy. Other people who died before Kathy were her parents.

In the early 1960s, Kathy and her family made the move to their new home in Sharon, South Carolina. In Rock Hill, Sowell’s Meats and Services opened for business, and throughout Kathy’s entire life, she held this establishment in the highest regard. Her life revolved around the house in Sharon that she shared with her family. Her favorite things are the holidays and giving gifts. She enjoyed the memories of playing flag football and picking pecans, particularly the times when her brothers allowed her to score a touchdown. Christy, her quarter horse, gave her plenty of space and quiet leisure to curl up in the saddle and read paperbacks.

During the summer, Grandmother Goodman, who worked as a fraternity house mother at Fort Hays State University, took her grandchildren on outings that provided both exposure and fun. In 1970, Kathy uprooted her life to follow in the footsteps of her elder brothers and enroll at Furman University. In order to save enough money for school, she worked three jobs every summer. She was the first woman to ever hold the position of flagman on a highway crew in South Carolina. In addition, she worked as a night waitress at The Peddler and as a stall cleaner at Tega Cay resorts. At the age of 5, she began peddling newspapers called Grit on street corners, and ever since then, she has been under the impression that she is already a successful businesswoman.

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