Jonty Driver Obituary

Jonty Driver Obituary, A Famous South African Poet Has Died

Jonty Driver Obituary, Death Cause – The death of Jonty Driver has occurred. In spite of the surrounding darkness, “Lead Kindly Light” by John Henry Newman was always one of Jonty’s favorite hymns to sing. In 2016, Jonty released his autobiographical book titled “Some Schools,” which detailed his illustrious educational journey. onty Driver, 39 years old, had traveled to Hong Kong to take the position of headmaster at Island School.

He placed a strong emphasis on the concept of “community education,” which resulted in the establishment of a youth club as well as an Evening Institute that went on to achieve unprecedented levels of success over the course of nearly a quarter of a century. The institute offered courses in subjects as diverse as the emerging field of computing, photography, jazz, traditional Chinese medicine, and languages such as Cantonese and Mandarin. It also served as the incubator for classes that later evolved into O Level and A Level History programs.

The Freemans, a husband and couple coaching combination, were mostly responsible for Island School’s rise to the top of the rankings in the sporting arena as well. Hiking was one of Jonty’s favorite activities, and he often went on excursions with his pals, including Erica Spencer Green’s mother, who attended Quarry Bay School. Some of these excursions took place on country treks over Dragon’s Back. By 1982, he had decided to accept a position at the public school in England known as Berkhamsted. It was at that time that Chris Haldenby happened to run into him while he was strolling down the street, and Jonty completely redirected the path of the young student’s life.

Jonty has penned a significant book, and anyone who cares about schools ought to make it a priority to read it. Nobody else has had quite the same combined effect on politics, education, and literature as this person has. It is truly an incredible account.” Praise indeed coming from a fellow educator in the form of Sir Anthony Seldon, who has written incisive biographies of seven different Prime Ministers in a row.

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