Jim Coutts Obituary Walkerton Ontario, Jim Coutts Has Passed Away

Jim Coutts Obituary Walkerton Ontario, Jim Coutts Has Passed Away

Jim Coutts Obituary, Death Cause – James H. Coutts was the name of the individual in question. James H. Coutts, who had resided in Bethel, Connecticut, passed away on the 20th of December, 2021 in Danbury, Connecticut at the age of 64. His birthday is July 8th, and he was born in the city of Chicago, Illinois, in the state of Illinois, in the United States of America. Both of his parents, Ronald and Ada Jane (Morris), had already passed away before to the birth of their son.

His formative years were spent in New Canaan, Connecticut, where he attended New Canaan High School and earned his high school graduation in 1976. His high school years were spent in New Canaan, Connecticut. His life was completely uprooted when he moved to New Milford, Connecticut, in the year 1996. During the entirety of his stay in New Canaan, James worked for DATCO New Canaan as a bus driver for a cumulative total of ten years.

James is survived by his wife, Mary (Chiodo) Coutts; sons Samuel Coutts and James Coutts; daughter Harley Coutts; sisters Carol Chapin, Diane Boutin, and Nancy Ryan; and two grandchildren. James was preceded in death by his father, Samuel Coutts. His father, Samuel Coutts, passed away before James did, hence James is an only child. Additionally, James Coutts’s father, Samuel Coutts, had already passed away prior to James’s passing.

His identical twin brother Glen Coutts had already passed away before he did, so he never got to see him again. The funeral and any memorial services honouring the deceased person will be held at a later time. The preparations for the funeral will be handled by the Lillis Funeral Home, which can be found in New Milford, Connecticut at 58 Bridge Street. They are in charge of handling all of the essential arrangements.

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