George Arvanitis Obituary Victoria, George Arvanitis Death And Funeral

George Arvanitis Obituary Victoria, George Arvanitis Death And Funeral

George Arvanitis Obituary, Death Cause – George Loukas Arvanitis, an internationally renowned architect and urban planner, passed away on November 1st, surrounded by his family at UF Health and Shand’s Hospital in Gainesville, Florida. He was born in 1967 and died in 2022. On October 5, 1967, he was brought into the world by Gainesville, Florida natives Loukas and Massina Arvanitis, who resided in Ottawa, Ontario.

George spent his childhood moving back and forth between Canada and Greece until his family finally settled down in Gainesville, Florida, where his father was a renowned professor of forestry at the University of Florida. George spent his childhood in both countries. Even at the young age of four, George was already displaying artistic skill by sketching and drawing on his own. He also displayed a particular affinity with the design of buildings.

He skipped school once while he was in Greece in order to investigate the well-known circular White Tower in Thessaloniki. This caused his parents to feel a mixture of worry and amusement when he was returned to them by the police in a Jeep after they discovered a young child standing alone in front of the tower. His parents were able to laugh about it when he was returned to them. After finishing high school at Gainesville Buchholz, he attended the University of Florida’s college of architecture to develop his interest in design.

In 1989, he was awarded a bachelor’s degree in architecture from that institution. Soon after that, he departed from the University of Florida to attend the Harvard Graduate School of Design, where he eventually earned degrees of Master of Architecture as well as Master of Architecture and Urban Design in 1993. After that, he worked with a number of international architectural firms, particularly those located in the United Kingdom, on a wide range of projects.

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