Eira Radmilovic Obituary,

Eira Radmilovic Obituary, Eira Radmilovic Has Passed Away

Eira Radmilovic Obituary, Death Cause – Today, we would like to make a very special acknowledgment in memory of Eira Radmilovic, who was a patient at our facility in the past and a passionately enthusiastic supporter of the Velindre Cancer Charity. Rena Hicks, a close friend of Eira’s, spoke these comments about her in memory of her: “Eira was very enthusiastic about Velindre Cancer Centre and worked diligently to generate donations. She persisted in raising money for charity despite being in poor condition, with the support of her friends, during the many therapies she underwent, and right up until the very end, which demonstrates how important the cause was to her.

These activities consisted of things like golf days, street parties, events where people dressed up, raffles, coffee mornings, collection drives, and clothing sales. Golf was a passion for Eira, and she was always involved in fundraising activities at her local club. She took up bowling after being forced to give up golf owing to her sickness and immediately started generating money for Velindre through that activity as well. She never passed up an opportunity to help generate money for Velindre. Eira, who passed away in December 2022 after a courageous battle with cancer, thoughtfully provided for Velindre both during her memorial service and through a bequest in her will.

When Eira Radmilovic of Croespenmaen, Crumlin was first diagnosed with breast cancer more than 19 years ago, she was working as a history teacher at Ebbw Vale comprehensive school. Since then, she has been a dedicated supporter of Velindre. By holding fundraisers at her school, Eira contributed to the local charity known at the time as “In the Pink,” which was responsible for organizing several events to benefit the Breast Cancer Fund at Velindre. Her support remained constant over the years, and although she was diagnosed with cancer again, she never gave up fighting it. As a result, she began organizing her own fundraising activities with the assistance of her many devoted friends.

The lifesaving assistance programs that we are able to finance thanks to Eira’s donations will ensure that her memory lives on. We would want to use this opportunity to recognize and honor Eira and the crucial support she has dedicated to our Charity. On behalf of all of the staff, patients, and families at Velindre, we would like to take advantage of this occasion. We count ourselves extremely fortunate to have Eira among our circle of devoted supporters and friends.

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