Austin Bradley Obituary Bowdon Georgia, Learn About Austin Bradley Death

Austin Bradley Obituary Bowdon Georgia, Learn About Austin Bradley Death

Austin Bradley Obituary, Death Cause – Austin Bradley passed away on January 21, 2022, when he was 91 years old, as stated in his death certificate. Austin Bradley was born to Audrey and Alphus Bradley on the 28th of March in the year 1930. Austin was their first child together. He was a native of the Crestview, Florida area and attended all of his educational institutions there, earning his high school graduation from the Crestview School District.

He had a lot of fun playing football in high school, and he has continued to have a lot of fun playing the sport ever since then. He was a great fan of both the Georgia Bulldogs and the Florida Gators, and he frequently listened to their games on a radio station that he had helped construct many years previously. The station broadcasted the games in Georgia and Florida. He persisted in his pursuit of Lyvone Palmer, the girl he had a crush on in high school, and he eventually proposed to her.

They have been married for 68 years and share a great and enduring love for one another. The couple’s love for one another has brought them together. After finishing his time in the National Guard between the years of 1948 and 1954, Austin went on to establish a successful career as a custom home builder, for which he gained widespread recognition for his exceptional craftsmanship.

When he was at his happiest, he could be found either fishing with his friends or his grandsons on the lake, or he might be found in the woods listening to his much-loved fox hounds. Both of these activities brought him great joy. He held such moments close to his heart. In his later years, however, he became most well-known for the love and care that he showered upon his treasured wife Lyvone. This was the reason why he gained the most notoriety.

He was a devoted Christian who worshiped regularly at the Crestivew Church of Christ in the area where he lived. Mr. Bradley’s wife Lyvone, his mother Audrey, and his father Alphus have all passed away before him, as have his sisters Betty Givens, Peggy Horton, and Jeanette Mims, as well as his brother Robert Bradley. Additionally, Mr. Bradley’s brother Robert Bradley has also passed away.

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