Anne Durward Obituary, AAML Foundation President Has Died

Anne Durward Obituary, AAML Foundation President Has Died

Anne Durward Obituary, Death Cause – I must deliver the sad news to you with a heavy heart that Anne Lamkin Durward, President of the AAML Foundation, passed away unexpectedly on May 27 as a result of circumstances that were totally unanticipated. I am sorry to have to tell you this. In addition to her husband John, both of their canine companions, Duke and Laney, were at home with the family at the time. Our deepest condolences go out to John and Anne’s children, and we are heartbroken for John and Anne’s extended family. The funeral arrangements for her will be made public after they have been finalized and are no longer subject to change.

Everyone who had the opportunity to interact with Anne saw her as a radiant ray of sunshine who was deserving of love and appreciation. Sincerity compels me to admit that I am unable to think of a single occasion when she frowned or said a four-letter word. She was victorious in an election a few years ago by a landslide margin, and there is no one more deserving of the epithet “The Honorable” than she is. Anne exemplified the very best qualities of a professional, including zeal, elegance, and charm. She established a very lofty standard. She has an innate capacity to calm the nerves of those around her.

My sentiments for Anne are not something that can be effectively articulated via social media, but if you are interested in finding out a little bit more about her, you may check out her Facebook profile. She was a member of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers as well as the International Academy of Family Lawyers, and she had literally hundreds of friends inside both organizations. She was also a member of the American Academy of Family Lawyers. During her tenure as President of the AAML Foundation, Anne put in a lot of hard work representing the organization as a goodwill ambassador to several state chapters around the nation.

Her duties as a successful coach for the moot court team at Cumberland School of Law and an active member of the Women Lawyers Section of the Birmingham Bar Association both brought her a great deal of joy, and she took great pride in both of these accomplishments. She was constantly rooting for the Alabama Crimson Tide and was the second-biggest fan of the Alabama Crimson Tide in her family (Roll Tide!). Anne made her influence on our lives by being kind and encouraging to those around her. Her effect will be significant and enduring for a very long time. We are all going to miss her very much after her passing.

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