Andrew Handley Obituary, Andrew Handley Has Died

Andrew Handley Obituary, Andrew Handley Has Passed Away

Andrew Handley Obituary, Death Cause – It took some time for me to fully grasp and accept what had happened before I was able to continue with the remainder of my life as planned after my stepbrother Andrew Handley departed away in a manner that was completely unexpected. Andy was an important person in my life throughout the time that I was just starting out and making my way up through the ranks. He was there for me every step of the way.

Even when the situation became more critical, he never stopped making jokes or making an effort to make others laugh. My sister and I are in perfect agreement that the fact that we were able to have him in our lives at that particular point in time was an exceptionally fortunate circumstance. My chest always becomes tight whenever I think about Sam, who is my stepfather, and my heart beats so fast that it seems like it’s about to burst out of my chest.

It is inconceivable that any parent should ever have to go through the unfathomably dreadful anguish of burying a child in such a heinous manner, and it should never have to happen in the first place. It is also immoral that any parent should ever have to go through the unfathomably awful misery of burying a child. In addition to that, I will be thinking of both of my stepsiblings, specifically my stepsister Christine Edwards and my stepsbrother Kevin Handley, who is the younger of the two. We hope and pray that Andy may one day be able to find the peace and quiet that he has been searching for with such fervent intensity in his life.

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