Shooting In Winooski VT

Shooting In Winooski VT, Fueling Station Policed Heavily

Shooting In Winooski VT – After a shooting in Winooski, Vermont, a gas station was heavily policed. On Friday morning, officers from the Winooski Police Department responded to a petrol station located on Main Street. During the course of a house invasion in Winooski, according to the police, one person was shot. At approximately 2:30 in the morning on Monday, it took place at 98 Malletts Bay Avenue. The criminals allegedly entered the residence, and one of them shot a gun, causing an injury to a resident, according to the police. The injuries, according to the police, were not serious.

The victim is not helping investigators with their inquiries, but the evidence, according to the police, suggests that this was a unique event. At the Citgo station on the corner of Main and Bellevue, there was a sizeable crowd. The view of the crime site was blocked for bystanders and passing vehicles by crime scene tape and fencing that the police erected up. At the scene there were a number of police squad cars, as well as a police motorcycle and a fire truck. It seemed as though the investigators were concentrating their efforts on a white Dodge pickup truck that was parked at the petrol station.

Winooski Police are not making any comments about what is taking place at this time; all they have said is that there is a “open investigation” and that additional information will be made public. Despite the presence of law enforcement, there was no noticeable slowdown in traffic on either Main or Bellevue Streets. This article will be updated as additional information becomes available. A significant police presence was observed at the Winooski petrol station.

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