Rickey C. Dickey Obituary, Rickey C. Dickey Has Passed Away

Rickey C. Dickey Obituary, Death Cause – The Virginia State Police have been able to determine the identity of the person who was killed in a hit-and-run homicide that took place two days ago just outside of Staunton. The police are continuing to ask for the help of the general public in order to identify the person who is responsible for the crime. The accompanying information that was provided by the police reveals that the occurrence took place on Wednesday evening at approximately 9:50 pm in the region of the intersection of Parkersburg Turnpike and Pine Tree Lane.

In a news release that was distributed on Friday, the individual who had passed away was identified as Rickey C. Dickey, who was 42 years old and lived in the city of Staunton. It was determined that Dickey had passed away by the medical professionals at the hospital. On Parkersburg Turnpike at the time that Dickey was struck, the car that the authorities believe was responsible for the accident was traveling in the eastbound direction.

This information was included in the most recent statement that was released by the police, which stated, “At this stage of the investigation, it is believed that the suspect vehicle was a maroon or red truck or SUV,” and the statement included this information. This information was included, as indicated by the police department’s most recent statement, which was made public just recently. As a result of the collision, either the right front headlight or the front turn signal of the car will require replacement, or both of them will be required to be replaced.

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