Michael Severance Obituary

Michael Severance Obituary Texas, A Well Known Veterinarian Has Died

Michael Severance Obituary, Death Cause – The death of Michael Severance has occurred. In January of 2005, Wendi Mae Davidson, a former veterinarian in the state of Texas and a mother of two children, reported that her husband, Air Force Staff Sergeant Michael Severance, was missing. She explains the evidence that officials say points to her, including Severance’s toxicology report that showed that substantial doses of animal tranquilizers contributed to her husband’s death.

She had a conversation with ABC News chief national correspondent Matt Gutman about what she claims really occurred to her husband and the evidence that authorities say points to her. The program also includes recordings of police interrogating Davidson in the days following Severance’s disappearance. Additionally, the program includes interviews with Frank Severance, Severance’s brother; Leslie Severance, Severance’s father; and other friends of Severance who discuss his troubled marriage and their feelings about Davidson. Frank Severance is Severance’s brother. Leslie Severance is Severance’s father.

The authorities conducted a quest to locate the father and airman who both made it through five tours of duty in the Middle East. However, it wasn’t long before the results of a joint investigation carried out by the Texas Rangers, the Air Force Office of Special Investigations, and the local authorities showed that Davidson knew a lot more about Severance’s locations than she let on. Davidson, who is currently serving a 25-year term for the death of her husband, was interviewed by “20/20,” which was produced in partnership with Plum Pictures. Davidson is currently located in jail.

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