Mark Jackson Obituary, Resident Of Ferrisburgh Vermont Has Died

Mark Jackson Obituary, Resident Of Ferrisburgh Vermont Has Died

Mark Jackson Obituary, Death Cause – Mark Jackson, age 68, of Ferrisburgh, Vermont, and formerly of Jericho, Vermont, passed away on May 18, 2023, in the presence of his family and in an environment that was peaceful. He had been battling an illness for a considerable amount of time. Mark was born in Michigan, but he and his family moved to Vermont when he was still a very little boy. Mark has lived in Vermont for the majority of his life.

His family, including his parents and his brothers, accompanied him on the trip. He went to Champlain Valley Union High School in Shelburne, where he also spent his childhood. He finished his high school education there in a relatively short amount of time. The annals of the Revolutionary War, in particular the naval fights that took place on Lake Champlain, held a profound fascination for him. He read them over and over again.

Mark was the type of person who would frequently daydream. When he was a young adult, he and his brother David started Champlain Divers, which is considered to be the first scuba diving company in the Burlington area. He took involved in a broad variety of underwater projects, one of which, which took place in 1971, was the search for the mysterious lost Learjet. He also engaged in other underwater projects.

During one of his dives, he stumbled across what is known as a “holy stone,” which was a formed and banded piece of sandstone that had been utilized in the past to clean the decks of wooden ships. He was able to bring it back to the surface and examine it. After receiving it as a donation, the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum is currently displaying it as part of their collection.


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