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Lily kramer Obituary, North Carolina Car Accident Kills A 20 Years Old Man

Lily kramer Obituary, Death Cause – An accident that resulted in fatal injuries took place Thursday afternoon in the northern part of Wake County. Her dalias stood out as some of her most stunning flowers. She had season passes to the Seattle Cavalcade Movies, went to the Issaquah Theater, and watched many different musical performances there. One of our favorite things to do was take our friends and family to various museums, such as the art museum, the history museum, and the doll museum in Bellevue.

Rosemary is survived by her former husband, James Kramer, and their two sons, Jerry (Marleen) of Covington, Georgia and his children; Kurt (Robyn) Kason and Kylie of Tuscon, Arizona; Kristi (Ben) Yefremov, Andrew and Ashley of Atlanta, Georgia; and Kenton (Tori) Klaire and Kallie of Murfreesboro, Tennessee; and Loren (Linda) of Bellevue, Washington and his children
It took place on northbound Louisburg Road close to the intersection of Forestville Road at 4:30 o’clock in the afternoon.

A collision involving a dump truck claimed the life of a 20-year-old man in northern Wake County. Lily Kramar, 20, was driving a white Honda when she allegedly attempted to turn left into Forestville Road, according to the state troopers. Kramer was struck by an approaching dump truck as a result of his failure to yield to the right of way. She succumbed to her wounds and died. According to the authorities, the driver of the truck was taken to the hospital with injuries that were not considered to be life-threatening. According to the troopers, no charges were filed.

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