Lexington Market Baltimore Shooting

Lexington Market Baltimore Shooting, Five Men Shot After Alleged Dispute

Lexington Market Baltimore Shooting – On Friday evening, there was a gunshot in downtown Baltimore, close to Lexington Market, which resulted in multiple individuals being hurt.
According to the Baltimore Police Department, five people were shot on North Eutaw Street around 3:30 p.m. on Friday in Downtown Baltimore near Lexington Market. All of the victims were taken to nearby hospitals for treatment of injuries that were not considered to be life-threatening.

According to Harrison, throughout the course of the argument, one of the two men pulled out a gun and shot into the crowd of people. “four other individuals were also struck as a result,” Harrison added, citing what police believe to be the shooter’s intended target. However, the intended victim was the one who was hit by gunfire.
The victims include five males, ranging in age from 38 to 63 years old. According to a press release, only one of the five patients made their way on foot to a local hospital; the other four were transported away from the area by medical personnel.

Around the same time of the incident, at approximately 3:30 p.m., two individuals started arguing in the vicinity of Eutaw Street and Saratoga Street. Downtown Baltimore reportedly saw five guys shot during an altercation. According to Police Commissioner Michael Harrison, the disagreement got so out of hand that one of the parties pulled out a gun and started shooting at the other. According to the police, there were five men injured as a result of this incident.

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