Lester Rollex Obituary Austin Texas, Learn About Lester Rollex Death

Lester Rollex Obituary Austin Texas, Learn About Lester Rollex Death

Lester Rollex Obituary, Death Cause – This evening, my incredible and great brother, Lester Rollex Austin, who had been battling cancer, went suddenly unexpectedly. He had been in treatment for the disease for some time. In order to combat the illness, he had been receiving treatment. Unfortunately, we have to be the ones to break the news to you, but he lost his battle with the sickness earlier today. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

While doing so, our hearts are filled with sadness. As a direct result of hearing this information, my entire family, including myself, his mother, his father, his four beautiful children, as well as his extended family and friends, are all in a state of full and utter misery. When Les leaves this location, nothing will ever be the same again as it is right now; it will always be different. Love u man Notification of the funeral arrangements must be disseminated as soon as it is reasonably possible to do so and physically possible to do so.

Ebonie, When I found out about this, I was left in utter disbelief; what a horrible catastrophe! During this challenging time, you and those who are significant to you are continually on my mind and in my prayers. I hope that we can get through this together. I am sorry that you are having to go through this ordeal right now. When I was a kid and I went to your house, I remember thinking that your older brother was a really kind person, and I really enjoyed going to your home.

I also remember thinking that visiting your house was a lot of fun. I also recall thinking that your younger brother seemed like the kind of kid who would be a lot of fun to spend out with. I’ll never forget it. In the next days, in addition to giving you a massive bear embrace, I will also shower you with a great deal of affection. I really do hope you get it.

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