Kyle Mullen Obituary,

Kyle Mullen Obituary, A United States Navy Seal Died During Training

Kyle Mullen Obituary, Death Cause – Kyle Mullen has died. An official with the Navy has stated that the 10 have been identified as a result of an investigation that came to the conclusion that “failures across multiple systems” were to blame for the death of Mullen, who was 24 years old, and the hospitalization of three other members of his SEAL training class after a week of non-stop physical stress, the majority of which was spent in the cold waters off the coast of Southern California in February 2022.

On Thursday, the public was given access to a version of the investigation that had been censored. Censorship led to the majority of the names being changed or omitted in this edition. An increase in the complexity of the training was also cited in the report, which resulted in an extremely high incidence of people dropping out of the program. This pattern was ascribed to the current generation’s lack of mental toughness, according to Captain Brad Geary, who serves as the commander of training. The length of the training was extended, according to the report, which was also highlighted.

Geary and his immediate boss, Captain Brian Drechsler, who was at the time the commander of the Naval Special Warfare Center in Coronado, California, are both singled out for their lack of control over the program that is in question, along with the program’s top medical officer. Since that time, all three of the men have tendered their resignations from the positions that they previously held. According to the 200-page report, a medical program that was supposed to monitor the candidates’ health was “wholly inadequate,” and this was the most direct cause of Mullen’s death from pneumonia. He had the disease on his third attempt at running for president.

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