Kevin Novoa Obituary, Resident Of Cromwell Has Died

Kevin Novoa Obituary, Resident Of Cromwell Has Died

Kevin Novoa Obituary, Death Cause – A. Novoa, who resided in Cromwell, Connecticut, passed away on May 18, 2023 as a direct result of the injuries he received in a motorbike accident. He had been hospitalized for a period of time following the incident. Head trauma was determined to be the reason for A. Novoa’s passing away. When the accident occurred, he was riding his motorcycle, which he had been riding up until that point. During the time that the incident took place, he was 23 years old.

Michoacán, one of the states that make up Mexico, is where Kevin’s birth took place. There is a state in Mexico known as Michoacán. He was born on June 15, 1999 in Mexico to parents named Hector Novoa and Elizabeth (Franco). He came into this world as the offspring of Hector Novoa and Elizabeth (Franco). Hector Novoa and Elizabeth Franco are his mother and father, respectively. His mother and father are Hector Novoa and Elizabeth Franco, respectively. He was adopted as a baby.

Kevin was a wonderful son, brother, cousin, and friend to everyone in the family. He was also a good friend to the extended family. In every respect, he was an outstanding improvement to the dynamic of the family. In every conceivable manner, having him as a member of the family was an invaluable and irreplaceable benefit. He considered each and every moment of his life to be priceless, and he made it a point to relish every single one of them to the fullest by seizing any opportunity that came his way. Some of his favorite interests included snowboarding, riding motorcycles, and preserving and showing the autos on which he had labored so painstakingly.

In addition, he enjoyed displaying the automobiles he had built himself. In addition to that, he took great pleasure in showcasing the autos that he had labored so diligently on. In addition to that, one of his favorite things to do was to drive around in the cars that he had spent a significant amount of time and effort personalizing and improving in some way. He took tremendous pride in these vehicles.

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